My art, be it drawn, painted, sculpted or fired has always been about connection.  I create out of my vision of a world full of possibility and hope and the myriad of ways we are offered the opportunity to be in relationship with each other and the earth.

 As a painter I work primarily in acrylic and mixed media and also create fine works in kiln-fired glass.  I received my BA in English and Fine Arts from Wilfred Laurier University and have trained privately with instructors across Ontario as well as the Corning Museum of Glass and Oatka Glass School in Batavia NY.  My glass and paintings have been exhibited across Canada, in the United States and New Zealand and are a part of private collections around the world. Currently I show my glass and paintings as a permanent member of the Bruce Peninsula Artists Gallery in Ferndale and I have exhibited at Gallery 402 in Toronto, In a Heartbeat Gallery in Eden Mills, ON and Ayrspace Gallery in Ayr, Ontario 

What you’ll find in my art is a reflection of the many parts of who I am: a 44 year old Canadian artist, mama, writer, composer, former urbanite who has found her big farmhouse in the country, proud companion of a wonderful partner, a spirited six-year-old, an exuberant dog and squeaky cat ; a feminist, differently-abled, a survivor of a sometimes cruel world, believer in angels and fairies and a hope-filled sojourner walking the long road towards unity, connection, compassion and intentional love.

 Although I’ve been a painter for over 20 years, glass is a relatively new medium for me and it fills me with joy and wonder.  Its interplay with light, texture; its transparent and opaque qualities inspire me.  I am fascinated with layering colours and seeing the unexpected. Each of my pieces tries to highlight the relationship between my art and the world that lies beyond that can be seen through the glass and then becomes part of the art itself.  And each time I hang them in a new location, they transform and the story changes.  

My new acrylic work is more graphic than before…more about a spirit or emotional response than the detail.   I’m inspired by the land that I live on, the people that I love and the hope I find in the persistence of spirit.  I hope you enjoy this visit to my world. 


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